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Adora Baby Fairy

Adora Dolls -

$15.99     Buy Now

Age range   0 thru 12 years      

Toy Type   TY Toy  

The Adora Baby Fairy is a delightful classic doll, created to be long lasting. Baby Fairy is meant to fit on any stroller, car seat, etc., to provide hours of fun and play for little ones. When on the go, parents are always looking to provide their children with toys that are fun and can entertain. This Baby Fairy touches on all the senses and keeps child smiling and happy. The doll includes sound, touch, and is cute. Made of ultra-soft microfiber plush to make them extra snuggly soft with a rattle inside that keeps little ones entertained. The crinkle material on feet, body, and wings creates fun sounds for the babies as well. These Baby Fairies are available in two cheerful colors and are 100% machine washable. Perfect for infants.

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